More updates

ZeroNeo here with a small update of our progress !

We are now 4/7 Mythic and pushing the evil tree ! I hope to update again soon. Stay tuned !



October 12, 2016
by Zeroneo

Progress update

Hello all!

ZeroNeo here with an update on Halo's progress in Mythic Emerald Nightmare.
A few days of intensive raiding has proven to be enough to get down our first 2 bosses. Defeating Nythendra with relative ease and going to Ursoc afterwards. The DPS-check on Ursoc was quite tight, but with a bit of extra effort, a few legendaries (for some, right Discord?) we managed to get him down aswell. Moving on to the Spiderbird boss next, I'm hoping to update the website soon with a third progress picture !

Good luck to all the raiders !


October 3, 2016
by Zeroneo

Legion of Halo


Hello all, another update here from ZeroNeo to let everyone know the status of Halo and the launch of Legion.

Silvermoon-EU is a busy server and has had problems with the launch of new expansions before, this year however the problems were kept to a minimum besides some slight DC's and lag when looting objects, etc.

It allowed us to start smoothly and 2 weeks later of mythics and heroic dungeons it shows how dedicated our roster is, where most people are very close or already at 840 iLevel. All that remains now is maximizing loot from the reputation dungeons in Suramar and we will be able to steadily start raiding when the raids are launched.

About recruitment: At this point in time we have quite a full roster and are not looking for anything in particular. But keep your eye out on our wow progress page ( or the website for updates.
We will always consider exceptional applications and we do keep track of interesting applications for future references. If we end up needing a specific class, etc we do look at past applications and may contact you to see if you are still interested.

Other than that, we've had one Legendary drop in the guild upto now, which is great but we await more of them in the near future !

We will get to dream of the Nightmare for another week and then we finally get to move into raids again with our trusty roster and skilled members. Keep an eye out for our kill posts and perhaps kill vids !


ZeroNeo & the officer team/GM of Halo.

September 12, 2016
by Zeroneo

Update on raiding & recruitment

Hello all,

ZeroNeo here with a small update on the guild and how things are going.

In preparation for Legion we are still looking for exceptional players to join our ranks. Recruitment is still ongoing and we keep our eyes out for people who are looking to settle into a guild before Legion hits. That does require they prove themselves and show they fit in well and are what we are looking for.

In light of that and the obvious minor upgrades for our raiders we are still clearing HFC every week in roughly 1.5 raid days. Worst case scenario, we come back on Sunday, when we have a fucking clue. (This has not happened yet.)

We have approximately 13 kills now and will soon be able to wrap up getting the mount for our core raiders !

Players who are interested in recruitment or have questions about the guild can contact one of our officers in game or apply through forums:


March 7, 2016
by Zeroneo

This is the end, archibro.


The officer team would like to thank everyone for staying with us, killing Archimonde with us and being loyal to the guild.
Also the newer members who joined us and helped us get the kill, thank you !

December 6, 2015
by Zeroneo