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Exxdee / Mar 27, 2017

Hi! Its ur favourite rat Exxdee here with a quick update on whats going on in Camp Halo.The race for Silvermoons #1 has been a tight race, but Halo managed to pull ahead with Malorum in the competition, killing Star Augur 2 weeks before the big ne...

zeroneo / Nov 21, 2016

Let me be the first to welcome everyone to the new website !The design for our previous website was a difficult task to maintain due to its old system so we have changed to shivtr for our website & application purposes !

  zeroneo: Gosh you so nice honkeytonkey
  honkonfooey: i love zeroneo
  zeroneo: Welp thats 1 more person in.
  honkonfooey: i am a bag of dicks
  zeroneo: Hello guys !
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