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Watch our mythic kill video here !

zeroneo / Apr 18, 2017

Hello all ! ZeroNeo here with an update on Halo's progress in Nighthold. I'm proud to be the one to post this and let everyone know that Halo has killed Gul'dan on 16th of April 2017 !First of all, the officer team would like to congratulate our r...

Exxdee / Mar 27, 2017

Hi! Its ur favourite rat Exxdee here with a quick update on whats going on in Camp Halo.The race for Silvermoons #1 has been a tight race, but Halo managed to pull ahead with Malorum in the competition, killing Star Augur 2 weeks before the big ne...

zeroneo / Nov 21, 2016

Let me be the first to welcome everyone to the new website !The design for our previous website was a difficult task to maintain due to its old system so we have changed to shivtr for our website & application purposes !

  zeroneo: How dare you accuse me of this.
  Jenzper: Zero changed my message FeelsBadMan
  Jenzper: tentacles.
  Lyresa: new website PogChamp
  Huzzaa: Weee!
  zeroneo: Gosh you so nice honkeytonkey
  honkonfooey: i love zeroneo
  zeroneo: Welp thats 1 more person in.
  honkonfooey: i am a bag of dicks
  zeroneo: Hello guys !
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