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Halo 9/10

Exxdee / Mar 27, 2017
Hi! Its ur favourite rat Exxdee here with a quick update on whats going on in Camp Halo.

The race for Silvermoons #1 has been a tight race, but Halo managed to pull ahead with Malorum in the competition, killing Star Augur 2 weeks before the big nerf hammer (12/3/17.)

Going onwards on the pursuit of Guldans head, we managed to kill Elisande on the last pull of the evening (26/3/17.)

Now, our only focus is to kill Guldan and with the 7.2 "buffs" we're looking for a rather fast kill.

Lastly i'd like to thanks all our raiders for their great job these recent weeks and to keep up the amazing job.

Oh before I forget Zeroneo deserves a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE THANKS for making our new webpage.



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